Safety brings first aid to the uninjured. - F.S. Hughes
Do you want to change safety culture?

Sounds monumental?      It doesn’t have to be!
Here’s what you do:
Have managers and/or employees find positive or negative safety event
Take a picture
Assign category and subcategory
Add comment (if needed)
    – best practice occurred (positive) or hasn’t and led to consequences (negative)
Click submit
Rinse and repeat

The system can automate the following tasks for a supervisor:
Create and file weekly (or any other period) inspection
Distribute inspection automatically to pre-defined list of recipients
Create monthly summary reports
Create a set of analytical reports
Create a set of Key Performance Indicators reports

A Safety Manager can use the system to:
Assign goals to responsible parties
Review weekly findings at the Toolbox meetings
Distribute toolbox meetings
Record toolbox meetings completions
Analyze data per department/project
Review monthly reports with the team
Identify training requirements
Issue monthly company newsletter
Complete monthly analytical audit

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