Do you need Innovative Safety Management Solutions?
We have solutions for you backed by our 20 Years of industry experience!
eSafety Systems gives project stakeholders all of the benefits of having a full in-house safety management team, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. We couple our powerful software solutions with our professional safety management services to create a comprehensive safety program for your project.
We Empower Clients Through Improved Business Intelligence
Our structured approach to monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) allows us to identify negative trends and quickly take corrective actions. Our ability to make rapid system adjustments is what sets us apart from other risk management solutions. Through our continued improvement process we are able to help our clients improve safety, decrease risk, and lower costs overall.
We deliver smart, personalized support
across all processes with:
Service Architecture Interactive Reporting
Enhanced Communication Real-Time Data Management
Enterprise Structure Reporting & Analysis Functionality
Integrated Flexible Modules Data Import and Export
System Integration Role-based Security
Do you need your own Safety & Risk IT department?
You have it with eSafety Systems!
We provide our clients with continuous software support throughout the life of their project, including hardware management, database management, and custom software updates. Our system is set up to implement software updates quickly, making it possible to continually improve process automations and data tracking.
We are a unique team of safety, health and environmental professionals providing safety, health, and environmental solutions in Occupational Safety and Health Management.

Our Consulting Services team works with small companies that cannot afford a full-time safety staff as well as larger companies needing additional safety oversight services and training.

We are up to date with national and state regulations, exposure limits, codes and standards. We work well with teams, front line workers, and safety committees and are skilled in management techniques to meet business goals and objectives.

We have the mindset to act responsibly to identify, eliminate, and control safety hazards efficiently and effectively on the job to prevent those unwanted and costly accidents from occurring.

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